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Your Power Outlet - A working woman's outlet for new perspectives, because nobody has it all figured out.

This is an outlet where working women plug in to gain new perspectives on the things that are keeping us feeling stuck or bringing us less than joy.

Because we don't know what we don't know...and this is why we have so much to learn from each other.

This is a place where women choose to ditch their need for perfection, open their armour and show up authentically.

Come plug into Your Power Outlet.

Jun 12, 2018

PLS NOTE: This episode was published before we changed the show's name to Your Power Outlet. 

(If you are curious as to Why?, tune into Ep. 19, where I share my raw and uncut journey to finding clarity). 


So, today’s episode is a little different.

I am the only one at the table, sharing my perspectives about the way too many of us choose to speak to ourselves.

I see it in my day-to-day, as well as in my recordings for this Podcast.

There’s an epidemic in the way we choose to speak to ourselves and it’s not cool.

It doesn’t serve to speak to ourselves the way we do.


There’s an urgency in this topic for me because I believe that our beliefs become our reality.

Seeing as we talk to ourselves all day long, this creates a huge opportunity to choose our words wisely.

We only stand to benefit from choosing to think about ourselves with kindness, positivity and open possibilities.


Tune in to Episode 10 to hear how I chose to shut down my incredibly unkind inner voice and the following 3 ways that you can start being kinder to yourself, today. Don’t put it off.

1| Just be You.

We seem to forget that all of the pictures in magazines are photoshopped. Our social media feeds are curated to only share images of A games. 

What does comparing yourself to others bring to you?

Nothing good I’d suspect.

When we start to be kind to ourselves and love ourselves, just the way we are – it’s such a powerful gift.  I dare you to actually take it one step further and choose to be happy for the person sharing the post.

When I feel jealousy or judgment coming up, I literally say to myself “It looks like she’s having fun – Full stop”


If you don’t think it’s possible – bullshit. Here’s an incredible woman to follow on Insta named Turia Pitt who exudes confidence, has an amazing sense of humour, and is a gift to this earth. 

2 | Say “thank you”.

When someone gives you a compliment, accept it and own it. Take a moment to appreciate it. Say thank you. 

Stop deflecting, downplaying, or negating compliments. It’s crazy how often we do this on autopilot because of the stories we’ve told ourselves our entire lives – like not wanting to appear that we have an ego, are full of ourselves, or we think we’re better than others, etc.

Just take a breath, and say thanks.

3 | 24 Hour Challenge   

For the next 24 hours I challenge you to be hyper aware of your thoughts. 

Every time you are having a negative thought, pause and choose to reframe – to choose something with humour, grace or kindness.

For this challenge, I dare you to even track the number of times, when you choose to reframe during the 24 hours, and notice the impact of your choices.

You’ll know you are in a negative thought simply because you’ll feel it. Don’t worry, negative thoughts are allowed  to surface, but it’s how we chose to respond to them that is the game changer.

If you are a parent, an aunt or influence young minds around you, an incredible exercise is to actually share the experiences of choosing to reframe. 

To role model that adults do have negative thoughts, and that we get to choose to reframe, they don’t have to be our truths.  I was only ever role modeled that adults don’t make mistakes and don’t have internal rollercoasters.


For example, I am writing this in the morning and so far I’ve chosen to reframe twice – in spite of the fact that reframing is my new autopilot response, I too still have to be really intentional about it.

On my morning, delightful 6am walk, (which I would say fuels my ability to reframe,)

I was feeling anxious about an upcoming big and bold project, what if people don’t come, I can’t fill the room, etc….Instead of spiralling down the rabbit hole, I chose to change my thought and to find a new and empowering perspective that ended up changing my energy about the whole thing.

I reminded myself that my “come from” is always about being in service and that’s what I am doing. That this project is something I will regret in the long run if I never try, to trust that I have nothing to lose, and to proceed with joy and curiosity.

My new perspectives were so much more productive than my critical thinking.

It all comes down to our choices.

Think about what’s possible if you truly start to stop the mean, critical or negative voice in your head.

So much!

Thank you so much for tuning in.

I am so grateful that you have come to listen. Truly, the whole experience of launching Your Power Tribe Podcast wound’t have happened if I hadn’t started to choose to speak kindly to myself.

So what you are waiting for?


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