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Your Power Outlet - A working woman's outlet for new perspectives, because nobody has it all figured out.

This is an outlet where working women plug in to gain new perspectives on the things that are keeping us feeling stuck or bringing us less than joy.

Because we don't know what we don't know...and this is why we have so much to learn from each other.

This is a place where women choose to ditch their need for perfection, open their armour and show up authentically.

Come plug into Your Power Outlet.

Jul 17, 2018

PLS NOTE: This episode was published before we changed the show's name to Your Power Outlet. 

(If you are curious as to Why?, tune into Ep. 19, where I share my raw and uncut journey to finding clarity). 



Here’s the Power Seat’s challenge:

“My challenge is with my kids.

I go from 0-100 in no time.

I can lose my sh#t so quickly with them.

The feelings is that if any one of you were in my house I’d be mortified.

I am ashamed sometimes. Embarrassed if anyone would hear me.

I know the trigger moments. I will be thinking about them, prescribing what I need to do differently, like take my few breaths, but when it doesn’t go according to plan, I lose it.

I will say to the kids, in ‘that voice’. You know they’ve just dropped a load in their pants.

Then when they are asleep I go and look at their adorable faces and feel guilt and shame.

So my question is.

In that moment,

How do I…not go there?

How do I navigate that?”


Tune into the Episode 15, to hear how other women have navigated similar experiences, from which we all get to choose what resonates and what we want to be intentional about doing differently moving forward.


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